Laura is an experienced content writer who has worked in many different industries since completing her degree in English Literature. Her previous writing experience ranges from fashion and design to cosmetic surgery and dentistry, and it was the latter that sparked Laura’s interest in the health sector. Laura now dedicates herself to the medical industry, researching the latest medical news stories, and compiling interesting and helpful articles to share with the public. Laura spends most of her days researching, writing, and sharing important information on social media about health and medicine. Her desire for helping and informing our readers by answering their burning health questions has meant that she has created original and thoroughly researched pieces that have engaged our readers and contributed towards improving their health. Outside of work, Laura tries to take her own advice by living a healthy lifestyle, enjoying long walks and yoga classes, although she also enjoys a takeaway or two! Laura likes to keep up to date with medical news stories in her spare time, always preparing for the next intriguing blog post!

  1. Are we facing an STI epidemic in England?

    Are we facing an STI epidemic in England?
    It seems that sexually transmitted infections are on the rise and becoming more aggressive than ever before. With cases of ‘super gonorrhoea’ reported earlier this year, and recent findings from Public Health England showing an increase in chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and syphilis, it seems that we have a somewhat STI crisis on our hands, but how bad is the problem and...

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